Prepayment of the Vendor

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Yesterday i go through the Vendor Prepayment functionality of AX and make the full transaction to check the full working, i read one of the post/blog from the internet and follow it. At initial it was working fine but when i create the payment journal i am receiving only one voucher but as per the document there were three 2 is for the system generated (i think) debit credit same amount. I also select the Prepayment chk box while making the payment on the payment journal.

Could anyone tell me why those vouchers are not showing to did i miss something. Following are the setting i did:

  1. Create the vendor posting profile for the prepayment (which i created same as of general invoicing).
  2. AP Parameter define the prepayment profile ID
  3. Inventory Posting- PO tab- Prepayment define the Prepayment account (here can u suggest what should be the type of account for prepayment). And also here i define only one account and select ALL.

Need your suggestion is the setup is correct.

Thanks in Advance.

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I also tried to post prepayment for vendors.

I have done prepayment($100) for vendor and second time for same vendor I have selected open invoice($500), done partial payment like $200 and I have selected prepayment line($100)(which I posted before).

done posting.

now if you check vendor transaction we will see only one voucher with settled amount $300($100 prepayment + $200 partial payement).

so voucher entries for prepayment is merged with partial payment of vendor.

Hi Axsan

can u post the screenshot for the final settlement voucher.

Any suggestions experts


I would suggest you to give more details to let us understand the expectation and actual working.

-specify what is transaction you are doing

-give us the vouchers which you are expecting

  • Give us what is actual

thanks Santosh for your reply

Actually for setup of the prepayment i follow the, following blog:

If you check the blog and comment i put on, you will get the details what exactly i am missing in prepayment. If you required to know anything else please let me know.


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