PR Workflow - Activation conditions

Hi all,

I want to use several WF where each of them has some activation conditions for each department ( I have six). However, I need to setup a defaul WF that will be run only when there is no Department involved.

When I try to setup a default PR WF, it does not work as the system does not \know which WF to use.

So this is how I setup activation condition to the default WF:


Where Purchase requisition.Reason is not value –

Purchase requisition lines. defaultDimension.Department is not value FIN

Purchase requisition lines. defaultDimension.CostCenter is not value FIG

Any clue??


Sorry, I’m a bit confused. Have you defined 6 different workflows for these 6 departments?(I mean in your worklows, form you have 6 different workflows?)

If so, where did you specify the activation condition?

Hi Santosh, I create an activation condition ( base on each financial dimension) for each wF. So for instance for FINANCE department, I created a WF that has activation condition with only financial dimension = FIN and Cost center = FIB ; another workflow for HEALTH department with financial dimension = HEALTH etc…please let me know your thoughts or a better way to set it up. Thanks

Hi Taty,

As I understand, you want to create different worflow steps depends on the departments. You can not use more than one active and default purchreq workflow type. You have to create one workflow and configure it depends on departments. For example you can use aprrove elements for each department with automatic actions for other departments. Or you can create subworkflow element for each department in purchreq workflow. In summary you have to create and configure one workflow for PurchReqReview. And you have to create different elements with condition or automatic actions for each department.

I Agree with Sefa recommendation. But one thing you should think about is…will all the lines in a PR come from same department?

I mean, what if a PR has two lines and one is for department1, and the second is for department2?

If you use a condition like PRlines.department is “department1”, system checks the department of first PR line and route it to the specific department.

So, if you think that one PR can have lines with different departments, you should think of using the line level workflow.

Hi Santosh, Sefa Thanks both for your input into this.

I will not use different department on the same PR so the plan is to not use Line level WF so all lines should come from the same department.

As I have at leat 6 department with position hierarchy in each department with associated approval amounts to each position , can you help me to set that up. Up until now, I have created 6 WF where each one is activated only when a specific user ( that is belong to a specific department) submits a PR . In that case, the system checks for PR line and see the department and selects that specific WF.

My question: How can I make sure that I do not have conflicts or how can I make sure that all cases are taken into account?

More details on PR setup will be appreciated especially if I can create only ONE WF for all departements instead of 6 different.


Hi sefa,

can you explain how ypu can use “Automatic action” or conditions for each department on the same workflow?


Hi Taty,

Here is the steps to configure approval elements with automatic actions for each department:

  1. Create a new workflow for purchReqReview.

  2. In the workflow elements pane drag “approve purchase requisition” element and drop in canvas. For example name it “Approval for Finance Department”

  3. Select “approve purchase requisition” element and click “Automatic Actions” button in the “Modify Element” group on the action pane.

  4. Select “enable automatic actions” field.

  5. Click add condition and define a condition like this:

Purchase requisitions lines.DefaultDimensionDepartment is Production


Purchase requisitions lines.DefaultDimensionDepartment is Human Resources


Purchase requisitions lines.DefaultDimensionDepartment is Purchasing

…(other departments)

Create a condition for the departments except finance for this example. So that for other departments this step automatically will be approved.

  1. In “Auto Complete Action” field select “Approve”.

  2. Do the 2…6 steps for every department.

This is one of the possible way to do this. There may be different way too.

I hope this will be useful for you…

Very helpful sefa. Thanks a lot

Hi sefa,

I did everything mentionned for a PO Workflow but I dont know why but i have an error message:

Stopped (error): X++ Exception: Worker ID not set or record not found for %1, %2. Verify that the extended data type matches, and that the worker exists.
at SysWorkflowHierarchyProvider-resolve

What is the probelm?? I have setup all workers / employees and also setup hierarchy but I dont know why the wf does not working. Any help is appreciated. thanks