PowerApps and Business Central Opportunity Card

Dears I am trying to build a simple App with PowerApps acting exactly like Business Central.

I am able to make an App for Customer Card and the users able to create new customers from the PowerApps, But when I search for the datasets of Opportunity I cannot find.

I am sure there is a way to add that.

Also, I need to do the same for the Contacts

Please help.

What are you exactly trying to do… and what have you done so far?


I need to make a PowerApp Application to let CRM team record just the Opportunity with few info & and this will require them also to add new Contacts.

This is while they are traveling or not in the office and there is a traffic Manager completing the Opp. info on the BC itself.

and Finally, I don’t have enough lic. and don’t want to purchase. more then I used PowerApp with one user name & password for many users through power apps just like a device license which I think is not available now only Named license

in the PowerApps studio, I can see connections only with few datasets/tables like customers & G/L Account

Then How to add more like the Opportunity / Contact