Power View Installation and Configuration

Has any one configured the Power view in Ax2012 R3. I need help in configuring the same.

The environment is Ax2012 R3
SQL Server 2014.
Enterprise portal installed and configured.

What are the components that we need to install to work with Power view feature of Ax.

As far as I know, Power View is a feature of Microsoft Excel, not of Dynamics AX.
What are you trying to achieve?

On the All Purchase Order list page when you click it will open the power view to analyze the data base on analysis cube i want to use functionality Martin.

Got it, it uses Power View on Sharepoint. First of all, review that you meet prerequisites documented in Create a report by using Power View to connect to a cube [AX 2012].

Martin thanks for your reply.
I have another issue when i run any SSRS report working on Analysis cube it is asking for user name and password. This user is the admin user and it has all rights. The standard SSRS reports are working fine only the issue is with the reports with Cubes. Can you tell me where actually i need to give access to generate reports.

It sounds like a different topic than what belongs to this thread (“Power View Installation and Configuration”), therefore you should create a new thread instead.

Martin sorry but the issue is the same when i run the anaylze data button it gives me same error “The Accounts receivable cube, which this report uses as a data source, has not yet been deployed. Deploy and process the Accounts receivable cube and then run this report again.”

Then you ask a wrong question. Your problem is that you don’t have cubes deployed, which has nothing to do with the installation of Power View.

Please read Deploy the default cubes [AX 2012].