Power BI Embedded-D365FO

D365FO beginner here.

I have created/personalized the data in my workspaces, now I want to leverage Microsoft’s Power BI application and add the Power BI capabilities to these personalize workspaces.

Unfortunately, that is where I’m stuck I don’t know how to make the one to one connection between my personal workspaces in D365FO and power BI.

Appreciate all the help!

@joelleichty - think you can help?

Hey Ashley,

This should help, sort of:

I think more importantly, though, is that there needs to be a placeholder for where the Power BI tiles go and only certain workspaces have those. If you want to create a new workspace with a spot for Power BI tiles, then a developer would be needed.


Once you’ve set the connections from Jake’s link, there should be some extra buttons in the personalization group when you click on options on your workspace. These will let you add your custom powerbi reports to your custom workspace.

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Thank you!! @jacob.roder and @iamJoshKnox