An sales invoice has been raised in error against a customer, and a credit memo therefore raised against it. Both now appear as outstanding on the customers ledger. I thought I would then be able to apply one against the other in a cash receipt or sales journal to clear them off, however, if I try and post such a journal through, I recieve an error because the amount of the journal line is zero. How do I get around this?

I’ve just used the apply entries option behind the Customer Ledger Entries Form, this seems to do what I was after. Thanks anyway. Gary

Hello Garry, If we apply credit note to the (to be cancelled) invoice, while creating Credit note itself , we wont be required to go to Customer Ledger.System will cancel both Invoice and Credit note and remainng amount will be 0.

Hi Rajesh, The problem is this is after the event. Someone has only just noticed the documents weren’t applied to each other on creation