Posting with 100% VAT

Hello All.

How do you recommend making af posting where all the amount are VAT?, so i would like to make the posting directly on the G/L account for VAT, but i would make sure that it is posted as VAT and not just as an amount…

Im using NAV2015. Any suggestens?

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Create a VAT Posting Setup with a dedicated VAT Prod. PG called, for example, FULL_VAT (or all the combinations of this VAT Prod. PG with needed VAT Bus. PGs).

Then, in VAT Posting Setup Card for each combination, select VAT Calculation Type = Full VAT and enter the GL account for purchases.

With such setup all amount will be treated as VAT an posted correctly not only in GL, but in VAT Ledger, too.

Thank you very much!

I will try that today.

Would you recommend me setting the mentioned VAT setup as default VAT on the G/L balance account for VAT? If i do so i make sure that everything posted directly on the VAT account is also posted in the VAT ledger.

But if i do set it as default, would that make a mess when im posting with normal VAT, ex. when im posting an purchase Invoice with X% VAT?