Posting Sales Invoice before Drop Ship PO Invoice, is it mandatory?

I have selected drop ship vendor in sales line and then I open the drop ship PO from sales line and post purchase receipt, after which I ship the items from Sales Order. Now when I try to post the invoice on the Drop Ship PO, system gives error “You cannot invoice item %1 in this purchase order before the associated sales order %2 has been invoiced.”

Will there be any harmful impacts on the database that we should worry about if we want to post invoices on Drop Ship PO’s before posting the sales invoice? Reason why I am asking is, Sometimes this is a “scenario” in my client’s specific industry.

Does anyone have an idea?

Hi Ishwar,
Yes it’s mandatory and sometimes very annoying. Had it a few years ago. As far as I remember, then ended up using the “Special Orders” instead. But it wasn’t possible without coding (ps: don’t ask me what we did - I don’t remember).