Posting problem with production orders

Hi all,

We are facing a problem when our users try to post any document in Item ledger entry table.

a big source for this problem is that the system post a production order with item tracking Serial no. as multiple records in the table with Quantity 1.

For example if the user post 2000 Quantity, the system post that as 2000 records , for each it attributes a serial No. and Quantity 1.

The system working great until we have a big number of users that post at the same time witch is a the general scenario (Sales, Purchase, productions…).

How can resolve that? is there any solution?

Regards ,

What is problem you are facing ? What is the error ? Is it locking table ?

Which version you are using ?

we are using Nav 2009 R2

and yes in fact it’s a look table

big numbers of user means how many ?

65 sessions could access at the system at the same time.

Is it RTC client or classic client ??


Sql Server 2008 as data source type