Posting PO invoce qty = Receive now vs qty = Packing slip (AX2009)

Hi, I created a PO for 4000 and received 4000 in AX2009. However, I want to invoice only 2100 based on the packing slip. So I set the Quantity to Packing Slip and on the Lines tab of the Posting Invoice form I changed the quantity to be invoiced from 4000 to 2100. It gave me a message that my inventory was going to be undervalued. I pressed OK and 2100 got successfully invoiced. However, when I went back to the PO lines I expected to have 1900 on the Remaining to be invoice… INSTEAD it was ZERO! Why? Would like to determine the process for cases at invoicing 1)qty = receive now, 2) qty = packing slip. Thanks!

Did you receive 2100 and then 1900 on separate packing slips? If you did not you cannot post the invoice by packing slip. On the matching button there are quantities and the quantity you are applying the invoice against - in fairness the system seems to have warned you that you had not set the fields correctly and your inventory was going to be undervalued but you posted it anyway. This is in a test environment I hope. If you wanted to invoice 2100 and you packing slipped in 4000 in one go you cannot split the invoice by packing slip and therefore you would need to enter 2100 in the receive now and then invoice, alternatively select the ONE packing slip for 2100 and then post by packing slip.

I got a reply!!! This is awesome and the Dynamics user group works!!! Thank you so much Adam!

No I received all 4000 on the same packing slip however, I got two invoices (one for 2100 and the other for 1900) and thought I could invoice parts of the packing slip on one invoice and the other part on the second invoice.

Yes, I did it on test as the user come to me and asked me if he could do that… Because of the issue I instructed him to use the Receive now on the Po lines and then Receive now for the Quantity on the Posting invoice form. Is this the best way to do in such case?

Thank you.

Yes defining the receive now quantity and then invoicing based upon the receive now is the only way to go - look at the matching details and ensure the quantities and values are what you want. In essence you can only invoice against packing slip if they kind of match - one packing slip with two invoices means you cannot use the packing slip option (it knows it is the full 4000 then).