Posting new invoice discount to separate G/L general ledger with coding

we have a requirement-
There is a invoice discount amount for customers which is fixed value per invoice . while posting sales order this invoice discount value must be deducted from invoice total value (before all taxes), and it should have a separate balanace entry to specified G/L account (123456) .
Any idea is welcome .

The base NAV will allow us to setup Invoice Discount in %

We can set it in Customer Card–>Sales–>Invoice Discounts

After creating Sales Order, we need to press Fucnctions–.Calculate Invoice Discount which will calculate based on setup we did on Customer Card.

when you post the Order, the Discount amount is posted to Discount account as per your setup

thanks for prompt reply.

Requirment is -

Amount to be given to the customers on next invoice - There are two types of deduction/discount on invoice Amount .

Discount Or Insurance .

If deduction type “discount” , Amount will be posted to discount G/L say X.

If deduction type “Insurance” Amount will be posted to insurance G/L say Y.

Following is table TABLE 1 in which amount to be given to customers will be kept.

From this table values will be fetched while giving discounts/insurance amount to customers.

Customer name Type of Discount Amount G/L acc

Customer A Discount 1000 X

Customer B Insurance 2000 Y

Customer C Discount 3000 X

This table and a corresponding form has been made ok.

Nature of deduction is same in both cases , i.e simple Minus from total invoice amount, and the deducted amount will be posted to either G/L X or Y.

Deduction amount is simple and fixed on invoice which will be fetched from this table.

For e.g.

now lets come to invoicing - while invoicing, if we are invocing Customer A, then Amount 1000 will be deducted from total Amount (before taxes) and will be posted to G/L X. In a similar way all other invoices will be considered for discount/deductions.


Standard option available for discount in Navision as Mohana Suggested

But if you want to separate the discount on the basis of type then you need to customize it as per requirement.