Posting multiple assets from one PO to fixed assets module

I have this issue and I need solution:

I have purchased multiple similar computers in one purchase order and I want to post them automatically on the fixed assets module separately “each computer in separate line with unique fixed assets number” in order to specify for each one of them their specifc information such location, SN,…

so, how could posting the multiple assets from one purchasing order to the fixed assets module in as separated asset with new record for each one asset?

the steps for this process can be found on the fixed asset pdf if you dont have that pdf pls tell me

Your requirement is possible but you will have to create a seperate line for every single computer. Suppose if you are buying 10 computers, instead of creating one line mentioning 10 quantity, you will have to create 10 lines with individual quantity. Then only each line will create an individual fixed asset.

For this, in the PO Line level Fixed assets tab, check the “new fixed asset” check box and specify the fixed asset group. In GL>Parameters>Fixed assets tab> select the parameter "Allow asset creation from Accounts payable’ & create asset during packing slip or invoice posting.

I also have similar requirement. The solution suggested by Santosh will not be workable because it is a cumbersome process for user to enter 100 lines in Purchase order if he has to purchase 100 quantity of an item.

Mahmoud, please let me have PDF if it is fulfilling the requirement. I will be very grateful.



We had similar situation at one of our client and we achieved it through customization.

On the PO line, enter the quantity as required. Lets say 50.

Now as per standard, a new asset will be created based on No. Series.

What we did, when the FA was created, at the same time 50 more copies was created.

Eg: FA0001 was supposed to be created. After customization, FA was created as FA0001-01 to FA0001-50.

This way 50 different FA was created with the same initial id.



I agree with your opinion as that will be a cumbersome thing. However, you dont have other go than that with the standard product. Going for a customization is the only option we left with in this case. I hope will not be a huge work to customize it :).


Will it be possible for you to let me have that customization. My email id is haroon [dot] attari [at] gmail [dot] com.



Hi Haroon,

I am sorry… i don’t have access to that application. We customized it on AX 4.0 Sp2.


This post helped me alot.

I have the opposite issue. I have multiple PO’s that need to be assigned against one Fixed asset. How?