Posting layers


In AX 2009, if the client need to implement parallel accounting, they should use positng layers. However, does that mean they need to post three times for one single transactions to achieve that?



Posting layer setup is defined when you create a nournal in setup. If you have selected Tax as posting layer than all the enteries will have check mark in the TAX in ledger transactions.

But why seperate layering is required coz curreent layes is used for general accounting, TAX for IT act of FA and operational is another option with no predefined use.


But if I want to do the parallel accounting, for example, I need to report to U.S. GAAP as well as IFRS. Do I need to do all the transactoins for both layers? One for GAAP layer, then again raise another journal to post to IFRS layer?

I am not sure… layers concepts are generally used in FA transactions. We define there a derived value models and the transactions are automaticaaly posted there.

For other transaction, i haven’t seen any different layer being used or any setup related to that.


Thanks Pranav.

But for FA, do you need to duplicate the posting for different layers?


For FA we use current layer for company’s act and tax layer for income tax act since rate of depreciation varries for both the acts.

Record needs to be duplicated as when calculation income tax for company depreciation as per income tax is required and based on that data deffered tax liability is calculated.

FA accounting involves certain complex balance sheet requirement so but that transactions are not required for maintaing books.

So we use tax layer. Even in tax layer transactions, the ledgers gets hit and transaction can be seen like normal transaction. Only difference will be that for tax layer, tax will be checked in layers section.

Hope this clears your doubt.


Hi! :slight_smile:

The second resp. third layer should be used as a “difference” to the current layer.

Current-Layer = IFRS
Current + Operations- Layer = US GAAP

This concept is quite important because otherwise you will have problems latest when you are doing the automated opening transactions (–> AX is calculating them for each layer separately).

Within the Fixed Assets it is possible to make everthing fully automated by using a three value models:

  • LOCAL (in Current Layer)
  • Reversal local (in Operations layer)
  • US GAAP (in Operations Layer)

You’ll find a step by step instruction of the setup on my YouTube Channel:…/UCjzJtCuAKNMCgLDEclxNWrg

I hope this helps :slight_smile:


Yes, there is no automatic posting in the other layers (except in FA when set up with derived depreciation books).

You would need to post the transactions multiple times.

Part of the challenge of this is that the layers are not visible in all modules (for example, Project accounting & Inventory modules do not have visibility to the other layers).