Posting entries to GL Entry Table from Purchase Lines

Well first let me explain the scenario. What I need to do is add a new field to the GL Entry Table and capture the description information from a purchase order line to the newly added field in GL Entry Table. Since the purchase order can have several items note that each item description will have to be captured in the GL Entry Table. According to my knowledge when the purchase order is posted the Purch.-Post code unit is executed and the information transferred into the General Journal Table and the Gen. Jnl.-Post Line code unit is called which transfers the information from the Journal to the GL Entry. I need to know exactly where I need to add the coding to get the above done. The problem is even though I add coding to the puch post code unit where it updates the journal the end result does not reflect in the GL Entry. [:)]

Hi Shanil,

You’ll have to modify the invoice posting buffer table, to hold the description from the purchase line.

Then you’ll have to add the description from the purchase line to this new field, when the buffer is filled in CU90.

Finally you have to modify the generation of Gen.Jnl.Lines, so that it uses the value from the new field in Invoice Posring Buffer, instead of the “Posting description” in the purchase header as it does by default.

Thanx Alexander for your reply appreciate it a lot. However I still have the same problem. The post routine updates the wrong lines. There is sort of a shift between the lines that need get updated and the line that acually updates in the GL Entry table. Can you or anyone else tell me as to why this happens. Basically what I need to do is get a text fied in the purchase order line to be reflected in the GL Entry table against the corresponding enrty line.Thanx [:)]

Just a guess.

I suppose the purchase order may more than a line which is posted on the same GL account. The standard posting routine will create a single GL entry with the sum of all the PO lines sharing the account no. and pick your field from just one of them (likely the last processed one).

with reference to what Anna said, multiple lines can become 1 g/l line

for this reason, NAV can take one description and use it for all entries (from documents)

in standard it is hidden, you can show it on the invoice/order header, it is called “posting description” the description filled in that field will be updated in the descriptionof all entries generated from a document