Posting Dates on the Contract Transaction and Invoice Header Tables


I am writing a query that shows some Contract information and also the Invoice Posting Date. The Contract Transactions table contains the Pre-Assigned Invoice Number and the Posting Date so I would think that I could use the Posting Date from the Contract Transactions. However, I’ve found a difference whereby the Posting Date on the Invoice Header is prior to the Posting Date as on the Contract Transactions. For example:

On the Contract Transaction…

Contract Preassigned inv Posting Date
C123 F0001 01-01-2012

And on the Sales Invoice…

Sales Inv Preassigned inv Posting Date
S0001 F0001 23-12-2012

I really dont understand how this can be, unless of course the Posting Date field on the Contract Transaction is nothing to do with the Posting Date of the Invoice. Any feedback gratefully appreciated!

Thanks in advance


Hi Julian,

Navision gives user flexibility to play with the dates the way user wants. This is because of exceptions in multiple scenarios. One of the example I can give you like: a company can invoice to customer and the contract start date should only be the date of posting the payment. In such case, a posting date of Invoice can be prior to the start date of contract.

There are no. of such scenarios present in diffrent environment and MS actiually has considered them to allow the posting date without any check and let the user decide what it should be.

I hope I have provided the appropriate answer; else you may right me back again.