Posting Date Whse. Rcpt. ignored if earlier than Purch Order

When we posting Warehouse Receipt, there is a condition that:
If Posting Date in the Purchase Order is blank or earlier than Posting Date on Warehouse Receipt, then the Posting Date on Purchase Order is set equal to the Warehouse Receipt.

Code: Select all
Codeunit 5760 Whse.-Post Receipt
CASE "Source Type" OF
DATABASE::"Purchase Line":
IF (PurchHeader."Posting Date" = 0D) OR
(PurchHeader."Posting Date" < WhseRcptHeader."Posting Date")
PurchHeader.VALIDATE("Posting Date",WhseRcptHeader."Posting Date");
ModifyHeader := TRUE;

The problem is:
If someone create a new replacement Purchase Order on 10/25/13, but the Warehouse Receipt must posting on 10/24/13, then the Posted Purchase Receipt is posted on 10/25/13, although the Posted Warehouse Receipt is 10/24/13.
It could be a problem, when the first Purchase Receipt is using later Posting Date, than the second Purchase Receipt (not make sense in real scenario, but this could be happen when there is an erroneous in first Purchase Receipt).

I have tested posting it using:
Inventory Put-away, and
Purchase Order
and all other way is resulting in Purchase Receipt with Posting Date of 10/25/13.

Does anyone know, if it is a known bug, or any logical reason behind this work-as-design?
Thank you.

I found a KB Article KB981707 “You obtain an incorrect posting date in item ledger entries if you post an inventory put-away by using a posting date before the work date in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0” that similar to problem in Whse. Receipt, but applied to Inventory Put-away.

Hence, I am sure that this is a bug.

This behavior also happen in Whse. Shipment side.