Posting Date Vs Document Date

Dear All,

I am confused about these two dates.

From what i had noticed in Navision system, the system capture posting date as accounting transaction date.

Let say a payment (banker check) dated 20 Mac 2007, posted by the user on 1 April 2007.

Navision will treated this transaction in April 2007, instead of Mac 2007, which I think is not proper.

My perception is, posting date is the date of user posting the transaction & document date is the actual transaction date.

But obviously, navision has another way of thinking, which I am not quite understand.

Can anyone explain to me why Posting date = transaction date?

Is that anyway I can change the setting?


Navision is a little bit confusing with date names but at the end, it has all what you need and in a proper way.

Posting date is a transaction date (if your gl entries should be set on 01.01.07, you set posting date on 01.01.07).

On Registers, you have Creation date which is a date when you actually posted transactions.

And you have document date which is used for some calculations related to it.

Probably best way to understand those fields is context help on particular date fields…

An example:

You receive an invoice from your supplier on 1st April 2007, your terms are current month + 30 days. The invoice is dated 27th March.

With the posting date this is the date it hits your ledgers, so it will be 1st April.

From the sense of the debt the supplier will want this paid 30 days into April. However if you set the document date to be April 1st it would be 30 days into May and your system would not match your suppliers.

By using the document date you allow the liability to be viewed as the supplier sees it, but the posting date reflects the transaction correctly on your ledger. Of course when you pay the debt is in no way related to this anyway [:D]

There is more information here also


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