Posting Date is not within you range of allowed posting dates in Item Journal line Journal Template Name=’, Journal Batch Name=’, Line No. =’0’.

When trying to adjust inventory…

Item related

Costing method: FIFO

ADMIN user setup: 09-01-10…09-30-10

G:L setup:01-01-09…09-30-10

Hi Sam,

I think you’re having the same issue as here

Yeah I just saw it but I dont have a good answer yet…


You will need to provide more details - adjusting on, off etc.

If you are adjusting on and the sale was in the past this is discussed in the other post.

Failing that take a copy, remove the posting restrictions, post it and track back the transactions and dates. Or turn on debugger and step through the code.

Hi Sam,

Basically the costing routine is tring to post before the user’s date range of September. To allow this through, either change the G/L date range to that of the user or extent the user to the G/L setup (which Finance may not be happy with)