Posting date in whse shipment


please regard my following probem

from purchase order

creating whse Receipt from the purchase order

then the posting date in receipt is taking the work date.while i am thinking that it will take the posting date or the order date from purchase order.

Is the standard navison like this or i am missing something in settin up.

same thing i am facing with create whse shipment from sales . or same i am facing in transfer orders.

please if any one has any suggestion then don’t hesitate to let me know

Sorry, just to confirm you are saying the system is doing the following:

Create a purchase order on 03/03/08 and this will be its posting date.

On 07/03/08 create a warehouse receipt for the purchase order (does this have a posting date of 03/03 or 07/03?)

On 10/03/08 post the warehouse receipt without changing any dates and it posts as of 10/10/08 ignoring the posting date?

We are talking warehouse receipt not inventory putaway?

Hi adamRou again,


i am just in line 3 of your paragraph with consuming that today is 7/3/08

On 7/3/8 create a warehouse receipt for purchase order ( this have 7/3/08 )as posting date … and i want it to take 3/3/08

thank for all your help

We are lucky to have you in this net

Hi Jouhayna

What is your reason for wanting to book stock in with a date of 03/03/08 when you received them into your warehouse on 07/03/08. If you do this over a month end your valuation will be overstated, you may have posting permission issues, it will also show quicker supplier leadtimes etc.

Navision will take the posting date of the document, if you want it to take the posting date of another document not the one you are working on, then you would need to modify this.

Hi adamroue,

Really we need it because they don’t register here putaway in the sameday they received .

usually the following day or the day after they register the putaway and sometimes after making sure of every thing .

so we delay little to register the put away .

thank you

Well if you change your process slightly it is all simple. You create teh warehouse receipt the day they come in, this gives you the paperwork and the posting date the day the goods come in. You then post the receipt when you do, but it keeps the posting date of the generated receipt - or is this the bit you are saying is not working? Getting slightly confused as not fully experienced on the warehouse stage processing!

Hi ,

Can I ask my questionin another way

We have due date in Warehouse shipment

We have due date in Warehouse receipt

in help menu they wrote it will be filled from expected receipt date if it’s purchase order and from receipt date if it’s transfer

From what is going to be filled if it’s return purchase or return sales … because always in this case the due date is filled from working date

Thank you again for your help

With the return transactions there is no due date calculated, persumably, as you are not in control of the return. When you load the shipment it has handling time leadtimes etc, but a return will have none of this. I would guess only the inbound warehouse handling time would be a factor here, but I would need to look at it!