Posting Date Change on a Reversal Entry process

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Let’s assume this, we post a new Sales Invoice to an X Customer account being Posting Date = 3/11/2009 and we want to create a Reversal Entry for that Sales Invoice, but we want that the Reversal Entry has the Work Date (i.e. 4/18/2009) as it’s Posting Date instead of the Posting Date of the Sales Invoice (3/11/2009) what happens in this case? Could the Balance for the X Customer account to where you post your original Sales Invoice been affected in anyway on the period it was originally posted (March) due to the change on the Posting Date in the Reversal Entry process?

I really appreciate if you can give me some advice on this, thanks in advanced and receive many regards.

In the time gap between original SI and Reversal (March-11 till April-18) Customer’s balance will be affected by the amount in SI - e.g. Customer balance report as of April 1st will have the Amt of SI included, if you were asking about that.

I don’t know the reason why you need to Reverse only after more than a month’s difference in Posting Date, but usually such reversals are made with the same date as original posting, thus not messing up Client/Vendor Balances. Was the SI simply an errorenous entry?

Hi Modris!

First of all let me thank you for your reply.

As a matter of fact it wasn´t an erroneus entry the SI I just was making an example of what my customer wants to do with the Reversal Entry process and the Posting Date for that entries.

I was trying to ask if the SI Amt was going to be still reflected in the March Balance. Because what I’m trying to understand is if you post a document on a month different than when you reverse that document and you were using the Work Date instead of the original Posting Date for that Reversal Entry process then you’ll still have the referred SI reflected on the month you have posted it instead of having it reversed it as it has to be, and for me that’s an error but I want to confirm it , to make it of my customer knowledge, if you can confirm this it would be of a lot of help.

Thank you for your patience.

In the scenario as you gave, it will be reflected.

From the point of how NAV is built, it’s not an error at all. Posting Date is the axis of everything here - not the Reversal Entry. Look at reversing functionality in Journals, when NAV itself creates the reversing entries for you - the Posting Date will be the same as of the original entries. Generally, its aimed to correction of errorenously entered transactions - as you (with all the certifications in your signature [;)] ) know, nothing posted can be deleted, only way to correct mistakes is entering a reversal entry, in Accounting this is called STORNO. Ask your accountants if they can imagine STORNO entries made with different date…

Once again - if the Posting Dates are different, in the gap between them the Amt will affect the balance(s). Especially funny things will hapen, if you’ll try to reverse with Posting Date BEFORE the Posting date of original transaction… Physically you can do even this - but why should you? Yes, you might say NAV is not bulletproof enough, but its target users shouldn’t be treated as first-graders not understanding what they are doing…

customer wrongly entered in sales invoice.i need the reversal process without affecting accounts

What do you mean by not affecting accounts. The accounts will be involved because there will be change of invoice booking between 2 customers. You need to reverse the posted sales invoice using credit memo and then rebook the invoice with correct customer.

we need the same invoice number