Posting charges to partial PO Invoices

I am running ax 2012 R2 CU7. I create PO with qty 60.000 with charge amount 1000. Then, I invoice with qty 40.000 but the AX directly post charge 1000 to qty 40.000. Then, I invoice the remaining quantity of 20.000 and there is no charge posted. Is AX could post charge amount proportionally based on the quantity posted?

Hey Fajar,

I’m going to move this post to the AX User forum, as more people may respond.

However, there’s a “Keep” checkbox on the charges form that allows you to keep the misc. charges when an invoice happens. As far as adjusting proportionally, I don’t think that can happen, but maybe someone else has another idea.


Yes there is a way for proper distribution of the amount according to the quantity posted.

When you enter the charges, you need to select the category ‘Proportional’ instead of ‘Fixed’. In this way the system will calculate the charge per quantity and will multiply it with the invoiced qty. You can see the details in Totals Form in Vendor Invoice form.