Posting a Credit Memo in JOBs

I have created a sales Invoice in the JOBs module throuth entering a contract entry in the Planning lines. But I need to reverse that entry through a credit memo by creating a new contract line in the job planning lines and running the create credit memo batch job. However an error occurs when posting the credit memo .

Error- Amount must be negative in Gen. Journal Line Journal Template Name=’’,Journal Batch Name=’’,Line No.=‘0’.

Please advice me why this happens, Would appreciate a quick response.

Hi Majila,

If you could insert a screen dump of your lines, then it would be easier to see what’s wrong. And we have to assume that no modifications has been done.

What localization are you using?

PR: wait… I: wait… L: wait… LD: wait… I: wait… wait… Rank: wait… Traffic: wait… Price: wait… C: wait…

Hi Erik,

Please find attached the screen dumps. Im using W1. No modifications have been done. I checked with Cronus also. Still the error appears.

A Creditmemo is pr definition the opposite of an Invoice. A Creditmemo is pr definition negative.

That’s why you must not use negative quantities here.

Solution: Your Contract Lines (for the Creditmemo) have to have negative quantities. This will result in positive quantities in the Creditmemo.

Thank you very much for the Update…

Thanks for the solution… I resolved it.