Posted Sales Invoices

Hi All,

Posted Sales Invoice has lines which have been invoiced already with zero Qty and amount.
Is there a way to remove them when posting ?

Sales order is created for two items
One item has no inventory, so we will only ship and invoice the one with inventory.
When we check the invoice, the item which doesn’t have inventory also appear with no Qty and Amount. Is there a way to remove this line ?

Plus once we receive the Qty and post the rest of the Qty , a new posted sales invoice will be created. However, already invoiced item also appears with no Qty or Amount.


This is simply how it works. All source document lines are copied to the posted document. This done to support “Copy Document”. If the posted documents don’t have all the lines, they can’t be used to create new related document such as Credit Memos.

The answer to your question is yes you could delete those lines. Provided you are OK with losing the above mentioned functionality.

Hi Thanks for the response,
We usually post the inventory pick as “Shipped and Invoice” in that case, we are not enable to delete the line without inventory because inventory pick only gets created for items with inventory.

Not sure how to by pass this.


Regardless of how you process the shipments, the posted documents are still created from the source documents (Sales Order). That’s how they have all the lines.

This would likely need a modification to either skip (or delete) those zero lines during posting. I can’t think of a non-modification way to do this. Perhaps others have some ideas.


Not following the request. If I partially invoice a Sales Order I would want to see on the Posted Sales Invoice those lines that were invoiced and those not invoices. If you are concerned about disk space, this has almost no impact. I would recommend, as an Auditor, you do not do anything here.


Hi Steve,
Thanks for the response.

As you can see in this screenshot, this highlighted item has not been shipped. However, it appears in the Posted Sales Invoice without Qty or amount. I wasn’t sure it should really come up. Thats why I thought I’ll check by posting here.

Thanks :slight_smile: