Posted purchase invoice document attaching

Dear all!!!

I would be needing a provision to attach documents to posted purchase invoices , in this case i would like to attach scan copies of the invoices with the document.

i have already done so in the documents but while selecting the image it gives an error “you do not have permissions to modify the purch. inv. header”.

Please help.

On Which version gives error???

it is on nav 13.

I think you have changed your User Permission.

You have to use your developer license and give indirect permission by going to the page and properties permission and add the purch. inv. header table into the object and it will then work.

im still getting the same error after the permission given

error for you reference

Wherever you are issuing the Modify statement in that particular table, page or report you have to give indirect permission in the properties of that particular object.

If you want to modify a posted document with customer license then you can do it via codeunit where you assign permission in that codeunit to modify the table record. Without that setup, you cannot do that. The system does not allow customer license to modify the posted document.

thankyou so much for the response sir, but can you please explain it more detail. As i am new to CAL codes and it would be really helpful if you could tell.

Create a codeunit that will do that task of modifying the record. Then in codeunit properties under Permissions specify the object and permission.
You can refer codeunit 80 for same as that also modify the posted document and have permission to modify posted document.