Posted Journals in Invetory Adjustment can be deleted

CANNOT edit date in the Inventory Adjustment ‘Lines’ but can delete posted inventory lines and journals bot – ref Inventory Journals (Inventory Management > Journals > Inventory Adjustment)

I believe once the transactions have been posted, AX must not let anyone edit and delete records. Kindly advise.

Examples: Deleted posted record in Inventory - IJ00000035 does not exist anymore.

AX will allow you to delete the posted journals. Deleting journals will not delete the related inventory/financial transactions, you can still see them from the product - inventory transactions.
You also have an option to delete the journal lines immediately after posting the journal (Delete lines after posting → on journal names)

Thanks for the response Kranthi. I have three queries subsequently.

  • How do I edit dates on a posted journal lines as a result of clerical error on the dates? Only option is to deleted and recreate journal or is there any way to correct the posted journal line date (ref Inventory Adjustment)

  • Please can you help me identify where to locate above deleted journal?
  • And I guess you referring to below ‘Transaction’ (Inventory Management > Inquiries > Transactions > Transactions ??

  1. You cannot edit the date on a posted journal. As already said, deleting the journal would not delete its inventory and ledger transactions. You may have to post another journal with reverse sign and post one journal with correct dates.
  2. You have to look at from the item/product or from the path you mentioned.