Post Ship&invoice from warehouse Shipment

Dear all,

I have question about post ship and invoice from warehouse shipment. I use microsoft dynamics NAV 2013, but i already checked Nav 2009. Both of them has the same behavior as well.

If i post ship and invoice from warehouse shipment by using Get source document (sales Order), it works.

but it didn’t work if the source document is Purchase Return Order, even though there is enough inventory for related item.

also there is no receipt and invoice option from warehouse receipt. (even since NAV4)

My conclusion is the standard feature disabled ship& invoice or receipt& invoice from purchase source. Anyone could possibly know the reason why we can’t post ship& invoice or receipt and invoice from purchase document source?

any idea or suggestion would be very helpful for me, Thank you very much




It’s not logical to post the invoice of purchase document as in most of the cases ‘Vendor Invoice No.’ or ‘Credit Note.No.’ will be sent after the receiving process in the case of purchase orders, and shipping process in the case of Purchase Return order.