post pending ....

always a fun to get that message:

Post Pending ModerationYou have posted to a forum that requires a moderator to approve posts before they are publicly available.

If the administrator has configured this forum to support email notifications you will receive an email when your post is either approved or denied (if you have emails enabled in your profile).

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I read your post (I mean the one that happened to hit the moderating queue) several times, can’t figure out why the system decided it should go thru moderation.

My guess is because it contains several URLs, but it’s only a guess… Looks like the system “loves” you, as it’s not the first time you complain about such behavior when your posts are moved to mod queue. 95% of posts in mod queue are real spam / advertisements of something, “normal” posts are rarely included there by mistake.

Hi Jonathan,

All posts regarding “bar-code” are moderated!

it’s one of the strange things like kitchen, that we have had tons of spam posts on!

Basically I think that the b-code vendors simply search for anywhere where someone writes about b-code.

So I have added the word to the “forbidden words”. Sorry, just need to approve the post, to prevent the site to be spammed too much.

Hi Erik! I have just read your explanation, I’m doing a question regardin barcodes in AX2009, I have already place the post both in the developers and end user fórum (sorry!) just trying to get an answer… Thanks!

Hi Hector,
How are you doing?
Were you able to post now? This answer was written before we upgraded the site. So a lot of things, including the moderation settings have been changed.

I’ve seen it now in the users forum, not in the developers forum… I think it is ok. Many thanks Erik!