Post Code Table 255

Is there someone there that know what the Post Code table is for, how it is used, how it gets updated, is it really needed?
I know when we enter customers and the City is in the table it pops up and I think the idea is to select a city / zip combination.
It seems to create more problems than it solves as for example if I enter a customer in Miami and type zip code 33178 (this combination is not in the table) when you tab past the zip code after entry it changes the city to Doral vs Miami (the zip code 33178 has an entry for Doral but not Miami even though the zip covers parts of both city). I’ve even had it change a state when you enter the city for example Portland since it is in Maine and Oregon.
I need to know if this table/functionality is really needed as even if all city and zip code combinations exist it actually slows down entry since you have to deal with the pop up box every-time the city is in the table vs just typing city / state / zip and being done with it. It really slows us down and actually causes more issues than it fixes if that is the intent.

You mean table 225.

An easy solution is to fill the zip first then the city.

then while entering the zip first you may get the correct city popping up and therefore saving you a step rather than causing an extra step of having to go back & re-enter the city.

it causes the same issue as before this way where a city does not exist for the zip code in question IS 33178 is a Zip Code for Miami and Doral Florida.

Is the table manually populated or ???

I remember this being an issue with us too.

In fact an additional issue come up when we started shipping to other countries.

some codes were matching from US to other countries causing an issue so I needed to add additional fields to table 225

50000->Country Code


But long ago I commented the code out for ZIP Code - OnValidate() in the customer table to stop that.

You can contact your Nav partner to comment // that code out too. takes 2 seconds.

I am new to NAV and am not the systems administrator, so cannot tell you which version we are on or anything, but we are having the same issue when a zip code covers more than one city.

So, it only allows you to associate one city with a zip code in the zip code table. Then, on an employee card, if you enter the zip code first, it auto-populates the city field with whichever city is associated with that zip in the table. If you want a different city, and you enter that city name in the city field, it then changes your zip code to match the city you are entering.

What is a best practice solution to this? (Can you also explain, “commented the code out”, I do not know what that means. Forgive me, I am not an IT person, I’m HR, but I can be pretty tech savvy if explained to me in layman’s terms.)

Thanks for any help!


If you do not have a developers license then you cannot comment out the code.

You can contact your Nav partner to comment // that code out. takes 2 seconds.

The key field of the zip code table is the code - so it won’t allow more than 1 name per code, but you can stop the autoenter feature .

ask your nav partner.

ON Another note - we have modified out original Zip code table to include Country

field 50000 - Country Code- code10 - table relation Country.

I have then modified the primary key to Code,Country Code.

We ship all over the world and have run into a few countries where the zipcode is the same.

obviously this isn’t good. so by allowing a code by country expands it’s functionality.

Great! Thanks for the explanation, that is what I was looking for.