Possible to Uninstall Hotfix?

We just upgraded to CU3. There is a particular hotfix that is causing us problems (mbs2.microsoft.com/…/kbdisplay.aspx). I was not sure if it is possible to remove just this hotfix without doing a restore.

Hi Neil,

Please follow the procedure mentioned in the link.


How to: Remove (Uninstall) a Model [AX 2012]

Hi Neil,

MS recommendation for uninstalling CU3 - http://dynamicsuser.net/forums/p/57424/308449.aspx#308449

Obviously you want to remove just a hotfix in CU3. I may be wrong -perhaps easiest option may be to find underlying code and comment. Or if you can view the hot fix under Add/remove programs, it can be uninstalled from there.

Thanks for the help. We currently have been commenting out the code as we don’t need its functionality. I will check the add/remove programs (fingers crossed).