possible to get optionstring value ?

hi, is their any way to get the optionstring of an option field ? i thought about a system-table or anything else but didn’t find anything … *** quack ***

It’s possible to have more information please

okay i have some option fields in my table and for a user-search formular i want to give the user a selection-help … so i need to read the current optionstring (all the possible values for this field) out of a option field and put it in a text-variable … *** quack ***

If you want to put the current value of the option field use the “FORMAT” function TXT:=format(OPTIONField);

thx but i don’t want the value … i want the text stored in the property: optionstring of the option field … *** quack ***

in a form put the optionstring propertie non editable

mmmh i don’t think you understand me … i have a textbox as optionfield which drops down an lets the user choose out of its values which are stored in its property optionstring … so now i want to get this options string (the comma-seperated string and not one value!) using some code … should be look like this : txt := field.optionstring() and in txt should be shown something like value1,value2,value3,… and so on … *** quack ***

If you know the number of options in the option string then run through the values formatting each one.

FOR i := 0 to N DO BEGIN
  Record.OptionField := i;
  OptionString := OptionString + ',' + FORMAT(Record.OptionField);
OptionString := COPYSTR(OptionString,2);

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