Positive Values from Substraction Formula on Account Schedule

Hello Nav Experts,

How to handle subtraction on Account Schedule when the result of the calculation become positive?

For example:

G/L Acct. Actual(A) Budget(B) Variance (B – A)

12345 -332.08 300 -32.08

Because Variance was formulated as B-A, the value showing on my Account Schedule is 632.08 → 300-(-332.08); not -32.08.

Thank you for your helps.


I don’t quite catch your idea - but maybe Analysis by Dimensions / Analysis Views fits better for your needs?

There are several options what to show: Actual, Budget, Variance, Variance %… Take a look at these. And, Budget numbers must mach by sign, if normally G/L account’s balance is negative (means Credit Saldo, as in Income accounts), then Budgeted Amt should be negative, too.