Positive must be equal to 'No' in Cust. Ledger entry: Entry No.=xxxxxx. Current value is 'Yes'

Hello, I receive the above message in subject line when trying to post a customer payment.

Can anyone help, I am new to Navision 2017 and am learning.

Thanks so much,


You really needs to provide more info than that…

How are you posting this?

Which version do you use?

If you attach screenshot and so on, it will help you greatly in getting better help.

looks like its not like a negative value in journal check your amount in the entry in question

Hello Lars, thanks for your help, I have inserted some screen shots. I am running Navision 2017. I am processing customer payments as follows:

Departments > OP Plus > Base > Tasks > External Cash Receipt Journal. I then enter all payment details and then go to post under Actions.

The posting process starts (with a progress showing). I then get the following error:

Posting message Positive must be equal.PNG

Thanks - Shazpr61

Hello Imran, thanks for your help. Does a customer payment, under Ext Cash Receipts need to be negative? I thought only a negative if a part payment which would be entered under cash book journal.

I had the same error when applying customer entries but started the service and all worked well,do experience this and restart the service Never known what causes this in NAV

Hello Paulo, thanks for your comments. I have restarted many times, with no change.


I have seen similar message when user is trying to apply a payment to another payment or to a credit note.

I recommend to review if all payments are applying to invoices and/or debit notes.

In case some of payment is applying to another payment or credit note, correct it.

Hi Shazpr61

payments made using the cash receipts journal (ext or not) must be made using negative values to reduce the balance on the customer ledger.

Did you tried debugging??
Try executing for the one in which you are not getting error and then execute the one in which you got the Error then debug and see which piece of code is activating this.