POS Slow

The POS on the shop behaves very slow. In fact when I start the pos, the service server.exe is 25000 k and slowly keep increasing to 72000 k which slows down the pos. What could be the reason. We are using EPson POS, 850 MHz with celeron processor, 128mb ram. We are using the POS as a server and client as 1 shop will have 1 POS machine. Because of the problem, we are shutting the POS at night otherwise we are unable to use the next day with the memory dried up Can anyone one suggest a solution urgently

You did not write the version of the Navision you are using - but Navision is using cache for the data and this cache can be bigger than 64MB. Which WIndows version you are using?

I am using Nav 3.7. The database cache is 8000. The size of the database is 600mb. The object cache is 8000. This is happening across most of the stores where the pos is installed and all the installations are identical. What could be the problem?

Which OS you have on POS? How much RAM? Data cache in Navision client you cannot change - it is dynamic… can be up to 100MB and more sometime (if enough phys. RAM)

I am having WIndows 2000 professional with 128mb RAM. Is that enough?

it is lower limit of RAM. It depends, what else you are running on the system (MSDE, Word, Excel, Outlook or something else…) Better is to have 256 and more… 64MB is the required amount, 128 is only one step above… :slight_smile: (http://www.microsoft.com/windows2000/professional/evaluation/sysreqs/default.asp)

I am not having any other software running on the POS. I have the expand IT scheduled to take backup. Also I have another developed service which takes around 20Mb. Let me try increasing the RAM