PO's and Purchase table header permissions

I am trying to create a role that can print Purchase orders but not to be able to modify any information on the PO. Why does this role need modify permissions to the Purchase header table? Using NAV 2009 SP1, the problem is that i do not want the user to modify the Purchase header in any way just to print out the PO’s. I keep receiving the error on print “You dont have permission to modify the records in the Purchase Header table”

Following solution might be not correct suggestion but it could be faster and simpler

Duplicate the Purchase order form/page and make it not editable and give the access to user.

you know the print report modified the “no printed” field in the purchase order… this is the reason it is causing the error…

so standard purchase document reports have this feature… so… if u don’t want to capture no of times the report is modified then you can simply comment the code…

Hope this answers your question…!