Portuguese Legal Update - VAT Refund Annexes

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is now enhanced with the necessary changes to export VAT refund Annexes (DN53/2005).

When a company needs to submit a VAT refund request, it has the obligation to report the transactions which caused that VAT refund.

Those transactions are split in:

  • Customer Entries;
  • Vendor Entries;
  • Return VAT Entries (called Regularizations).

In order to print and export the complete Periodic VAT Declaration, the user needs to identify the VAT Declaration lines that will match the correspondent VAT refund annexes.

Please review the release note documents for detailed instructions about this functionality. This feature includes:

  • new and modified objects
    Log of changes is also provided for this feature.

These objects are tested primarily for version 4.0 SP3. Please, be aware that this feature might not work in earlier versions and with customer specific changes.

Update link https://mbs.microsoft.com/fileexchange/?fileID=83c1a9b7-232f-4da9-804b-f6f09b21ebc0