Pop-up the message box after clicking on OK button when batch process flag is true on dialog box

background of the requirement.

I need to open the message box after clicking on OK button of dialog box to show the information of dialog box values which are entered by user…Eventually, also show the values on message box when user clicks on batch process flag on dialog box and click on OK button. But, right now what happens is when i select batch process flag and click on button, it is not giving me my message box in case of batch process flag true. it directly adds the batch in queue…so i need to do this on conditional basis. (in message box there will be" do you want continue? yes or no…If user selects yes then it should add the batch in queue else it wont).

So for this i am trying to get the caller name of that class in run base batch class then i will return the prompt as true and it will go to that my class to execute the message box. If user selects yes then i will try to add that class in batch or else show the error message. Do you guys have any other solution please suggest. that too

How about having the box in validate method (you need to override it)?

are you talking about validate method in runBaseBatch class??

In your class.

Actually, when batch process flag is true on dialog box then it first go to the Prompt method then its add the batch in queue… What i want is before adding the batch job in queue i need to show my message box (yes or no). If user say yes then only it should allow to add the batch in queue otherwise it should not.

Yes, you can do that in validate as well

Hey kranti,

Thanks…It works

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Hi Kranthi,

One more help i need from you is that, i need to show the red mark value i.e. batch process flag is true or false. that value i need to show on my message box. so how should i do that…because i tried calling below methods from runBase

  1. mustGoBatch 2. canGoBatch 3. isInBatch

but nothing has happened…it is only showing the by default values of this methods.

Do you have any suggestions regarding this?

Hi kranti,

I got the solution for this…
we need to call (this.batchInfo().ParmBatchExecute())…This will return the value of batch process flag whether it is true or false.

Unfortunately I didn’t notice that here is another thread about the same question, so we had a parallel discussion on another forum. There I suggested overriding doBatch() (although it’s surely not the only possible way).