POLL: NAVtechDays 2015 - are you going?

Dear all,

In case you like to meet for a beer (or coffee), then I’ll be at NavTechDays this week.

Are you?


sadly not, because i oughta pay it for myself (fee, flight, hotel). would have been nice to meet you for a beer or more. also i think that the sessions are quite interesting.

Yes, as a freelancer I also have to pay for myself. So I’m actually driving there, “only” 10 hours. And then I found a rather cheap hotel nearby. But yes Luc did get a lot of great sessions scheduled.

Just a question? Are noone able to use the poll? (I’ve not used the poll function for very long, so maybe I’m the only one who can see it?

I can also see the poll option while posting new question

And please use them, if you like! [:)] But I think people needs to get used to them. A while ago they where used a lot.

i used it now. before i thougt it is a picture. [8-)]

No budget for covering registration fees and expenses, plus tough projects schedule didn’t allow me to attend.

Hope to join next year :slight_smile:

Sorry about that Daniele. Would have loved to meet you in person.

Me on the other hand, I’m leaving in 15 minutes for the 8 hour drive to Antwerp! [:)]

have fun and drink a beer for me. maybe we meet next year.

Hey Erik,
It would have been nice to have chilled beer with you but not this time . Hope for next year!!!

Hi Amol,
It is NEXT YEAR now! You answered a one year old post about NTD 2015! [;)]

But still planning to go this year also…

Ohhh I didn’t look at it . but Anyway chilled beer sure when we meet…