Point of Sale and Navision--any solutions?

Is there any Point of Sale (Retail) solution avaialable for Navision? How can I integrate a POS solution with Navision? Does, or will, Microsoft Retail Management System integrate with Navision?

Robert, We’ve got a Retail POS system that is already built directly in Navision. It uses Landsteiner’s POS system and has been extremely successfull for us here in the US. Please to take a look at this http://bmiusa.com.previewmysite.com/pdf/BMI_Enterprise_Retail.pdf and feel free to contact me as needed. Bill Moffett bmoffett@bmiusa.com

Allso check out Infostore ( http://www.infostore.is ).

You can also check out Infostore ( http://www.infostore.is ) … now owned by Landseiner, but it’s a different solution.

Its GoPro by Landsteiner. Other solutions like Landsteiner Retail 3.75 http://www.landsteinar.com/

We’re using Navision 2.60 and we’re Interfaced with the Winshop Solution from ASInfor … We’ve currently 18 Shops Interfaced with Winshop. http://www.asinfor.com