PO Quantity Split in Direct Delivery

Hi Everybody,

I have an issue with splitting of quantity in Direct Delivery process.

I created a SO & PO by direct delivery process, when i try to split PO line quantity (PO Line → Inventory → Registration → Split)

i get error saying that “There are transactions with status Reserved ordered for the dimension of item ->Consequently inventory dimension cannot be changed.”

Item is serial number activated and i want to split PO line quantity with difference serial numbers.

Above issue raises only in case of direct delivery PO, in normal PO i can split qty by changing serial number.

How can i split qty by changing the serial number in Direct delivery process?

Please help me if anyone has solution or suggestion.



Hi Rajendra,

If you have selected Number sequence in the Number group of the Serial number, then serial numbers will be auto generated. You don’t need to split the quantity at PO>Inventory>Registration. In the Registration > Post all. It will generate serial numbers automatically by item quantity wise. Ex: if you take Quantity as 5 then when you post all … it will generate 5 serial numbers individually.

Check once your number number group > number sequence setup.