PO Inovice Posting Error

Hello all,

I am using AX 2009, I am facing two challenges , the first is the that an info log couldn’t fixed, which shown when I tried to post PO invoice & may client hanged, when I later retried system gave a message that (Quantity = 0), & posting operation cancelled, I deleted the lines & re-opened the posting form again & the case is same.

the second is that I am paying a lot of advance payment against PO(when PO raised & still open -not received), I would like to control over this advance payments so as to avoid double payment for one PO.

can any one help?



Point 1 you are giving us nothing. Based upon the setup and order there is nothing to invoice, pretty standard infolog. Look at the setup, data and requirements.

Point 2 you need to apply the advanced payment once invoiced.