Pmt. Discount Amount - can we exclude freight from the total calc?

From a purchase invoice, for example, can we teach BC to exclude freight lines from the total amount? This would be on the post, when it does the calculation into the Original Pmt. Discount Amount Possible in vendor ledger.

If you setup your discounts at the line level, then the Freight Line could be excluded from the calculations.

If you are using Invoice Discounts, you could setup Freight as an item and set it with “Allow Invoice Discount” = NO.


Yes, it is possible to exclude freight lines from the total amount on a purchase invoice. You can achieve this by setting up an invoice discount code with the option to exclude freight charges.

Here are the steps to set up an invoice discount code:

  1. Go to the “Invoice Discount” page and create a new discount code.
  2. In the “Discount Applies To” field, select “All Purchase Lines”.
  3. In the “Calculate Discount From” field, select “Line Amount”.
  4. In the “Discount Type” field, select “Amount”.
  5. In the “Discount Amount” field, enter the amount of the freight charge.
  6. In the “Exclude Charges” field, select “Freight”.

After setting up the discount code, you can apply it to the relevant purchase invoices and the freight charges will be excluded from the total amount used to calculate the original payment discount amount possible in the vendor ledger.

I hope this helps!

Hey all,
We are struggling with this as well.
It looks like there is a feature request to get this added as standard functionality. Take a minute to upvote it if you have time.