plzz give anssssssss

Ø Why Cross- Reference Used?

Ø What is Application Hierarchy Tree?

Ø What are the applications used in AX it wil run in client side or Server side ?

Ø What are the Customizations to live Applications in AX ?

Ø What is the Pack and Unpack definations?

Ø .why Select Statement used in Query Only and what are Query, Query, Query Run, Query Build Data Source, Query Range?

Ø what is the difference between the Auto Report and Generated Report?

Ø What is the use of Synchronization in Ax ?

Ø what is the Map?

Ø what is the difference between Serilization & non-Serilization?

Ø what is the Polymorphism? how it works in AX?

Ø .what is the function overloading & function overriding?

Ø Can you just tell the table properties that you can remember?

Ø What is cache lookup what is it used for?

Ø Different types of relation? Explain it detail?

Ø Explain OCC & PCC (optimistic concurrency control , Pessimistic concurrency control)

Ø Difference between views and tables

Ø Explain Queries? What’s it used for?

Ø Explain different types of reports?

Ø Differentiate auto design spec & Generated design? Which one is a preferable choice and why

Ø Primary Key in tables (In dynamics AX don’t have primary key)

Ø Explain primary index and Cluster index? Explain in detail?

Ø What is the default index for a table?

Ø Explain delete action? Types of delete action?

Ø What are all the add- on tools you used in Dynamics AX (It’s an indirect question for AIF)

Ø Did you work with EP (Enterprise Portal & Workflow) how can you implement this features into your projects

Ø Can you just point out some best practice you used when u develop a project?

Ø Did you worked with base modules? Actually I answered this question as

Ø I worked with production module to integrate with our steel process management

Ø So can you just point out three classes that you used in production module

Ø Explain the posting in production module

Ø When you create production order….Can you point out the affecting classes, tables.

I presume for an interview? If you have the answers and do not understand them and get the job - what then?

ok i try my own … TXXXXXXXXX