Please keep track

I would like to ask all posters kindly to keep track of their own postings.

Many users are putting quite some effort into answering questions.
It is a matter of being polite to firstly thank those people and secondly to answer their requests for more details.

It will also become easier for the moderators to mark topics as closed (resolved) if there is a note in the topic from the original poster when the problem is solved or another workaround has been found.

If you find solutions for your problems yourself, please provide this solution as a reply to your request so others can benefit from your findings.

Thank you !

Hear hear!

I second that!

By the way - If you energy efficient light-bulbs, you might be able to have a little light at the end of the tunnel.

Agree 100%, it really does help if people can give a thnk you or some comment to kno that the issue is resolved.

LOL [:$] Maybe I should have posted that. But thanks for doing it for me [:)]

I’m not sure is this already exists here but we could have “solved” status for questions/threads that got efficient answers like on mibuso?

I found that helpfull cause that feature can help you to narrow down search query results…

We already discussed this. If you ask a question and it gets answerd, then you set the “Resolved/Not Resolved” flag. Also moderators will do this as we see a thread as resolved.

ups :blush:

seems I missed that information. where can I see/set status flag?

If you start a tread, then its at the top of the first post…