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When we create a PO fron General Voucher , the field Approved in table VendTrans is automatically get checked and the field Approved By is field with userid. I want to block this thing , so that these two field remain blank.

where should I write the code to block it .

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You need to start the workflow engine to stop the Approval related fields from getting populated.

Once the workflow is activated the fields will get populated only when approval is completed.

When i click the POST button , these fields get filled. So there is no need to start any workflow engine.

So , some thing is related to this button.

Manish, a bit off topic. Please remember to use a subject/topic that describes your issue and not just “Please help”. Eventually study this guide lines for posting:

The assignment is done at \Classes\CustVendVoucher\initCustVendTrans

You can override these values from \Classes\PurchInvoiceJournalPost\postCustVend (for purchase order invoice posting)


vendVoucher.parmApproved(NoYes::No); // set to NO

before call

Comment the code

// custVendTrans.ApprovedBy = approvedBy;

// custVendTrans.Approved = approved;

in \Classes\CustVendVoucher\initCustVendTrans and done.

The impact of this change will be high, as this is the entry point for all the customer and vendor transaction.

To minimize the risk we need to perform a document/transaction specific change…

HI kranti,

there is no class with name " PurchInvoiceJournalPost "