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Hello, I wonder if anyone could offer any advice, I have discovered that the planning worksheet does not take into account product location when calculating material requirements. For example if I have a product A that is made from products B & C. There is stock for B & C at location White and Black respectively, a sales order is entered for product A location Yellow. When you run the Calculate Regenerative Plan it ignores the stock located at white and Black and suggests raising a purchase order or production order for location Yellow, despite there being free stock in other locations. This is a big problem of course because we want the system to identify redundant product at any of the company locations rather than having to buy or make. Many Thanks

Hi If the transfer policy cannot be adopted you will need to modify the system to look across all locations - we have recently posted some threads on this if you search on it.


Originally posted by Atkinsonwest …I have discovered that the planning worksheet does not take into account product location when calculating material requirements.

are you sure? I think you will find the system works correctly. If I am manufacturing an item at location USA, then it is no use for me to have raw material available at locations UK and CHINA right? is this may be a warehouse setup issue? The idea of locations, is to be able to run independent inventories at those locations. What you probably need is to set up transfers from WHITE & BLACK to YELLOW.

Hi, David is right, but most of us consultants use the location concept to workaround certain system restrictions. Then we always have to suggest to clients to also buy the SKU granules. In most companies, there is a receiving location ex: location A all the purchase are expected to be received in A. Then this stock is distributed to the different Production centers B and C based on a material requisition. So when we use the planning worksheet the system will trigger a purchase requirement for B and C if we dont have the SKU and set the Requisistion system for the B SKU and C SKU as transfer order. I dont know if in the above instance how would the Warehouse setup be, and how to run the planning. Any suggestions… David?

Thanks for the feedback but we have gone down all these avenues but transfer orders only seem to appear on the planning worksheet if the transfer location is specified on SKU and under no other circumstances.

My head seems a bit fuzzy as I answer the same form of question across differnet forums - is it a plague of requisition worksheet questions across locations. Andrew look at this one: There is another where I argue the same as David above. Navision does not net across all locations - I answered this again recently, to a Devinder posting but cannot remember where. Perhaps an argument exists for a flag to net across locations - but it is a modification I am afraid. Good luck with it!!

Knew I had read it somewhere: Your other posting Andrew! [:D]