Planning Worksheet -> Req. Worksheet

Hi ,
I have a question about Req. Worksheet ,

When I get a sales order , I run the following process :

  1. Sales Order → Order Promising → Planning Worksheet

  2. Planning Worksheet → Carry Out Action Message → Req. Worksheet

Now , There are some item in Req. Worksheet . ( Just what I want ) .

But , When I get second sales order and run the process again ,

Navision delete all item in Req. Worksheet ( I don’t want that ) , then insert the item of second sales order .

How can I keep the previous item ( of first Sales Order ) in Req. Worksheet ?

The requisition worksheet is a temporary table updated the next time the process is run for that batch. This ensures you are always looking at the latest amalgamation of requirements. Order Planning is a simpler tool intended for MTO environments.

Why is your requirement sat in the requisition worksheet - you should be firming it.

To achieve what you want you would need to modify the system to achieve this and all the issues this would entail.

Which version u r using ? It doesn’t delete.