Planning Worksheet and Order Planning

Hi, Can somebody please tell me the Major Diffrences between Planning Worksheet and Order Planning feature in Version 4. Thanks,

Hi This from my memory of the update day. Order Planning ONLY suggests the fulfillment of actual demand, and for this reason is intended to work in an MTO environment. It is a simplified manual plan. Everything stems from the sales order (or existing production order) and then pushed down through the levels of the associated BOM, but it will not create fulfillment orders for the demand at lower levels from the previous demand in one planning run, essentially you have to run the planning tool again and again. I remember it crashing if your bills contained other BOM’s rather than items (but I am sure this will be fixed in 4.1[:D]) and if the purchase order date differed in any way from the demand date then the order planning tool would replan demand, so double up on your requirements. So in MRP you get the ability to define reorder levels etc, and if demand moves you will get replanning messages. With order planning if demand moves you will create a new fulfillment, and it only plans for orders not covered by stock - no order modifiers. I presume it will also not calculate from forecasts. From memory it felt like it could only be used in an environment where the demand pattern meets the limitations of the order planning tool and where movement of demand does not occur.