Planning Optimization: Master scheduling planned order number sequence format?


I have started exploring the planning optimization in D365 F&O (version 10.0.16) on our Preprod environment. After we turn-on planning optimization and run master planning, one thing I noticed is that the number sequencing of the planned order (Master Planning → Planned Orders) is different as compare to when I turn-off planning optimization (i.e. previous version: master planning). It seems that planning optimization is not picking up the number sequencing for planned orders, although it is already configured under (Setup → Master planning parameters > Number Sequences → “Master Scheduling planned order number”). FYI, it is correctly picking up this number sequence format when I turn-off planning optimization, and use the previous master planning.

Example below:
Planning Optimization: Turn-On: Planned Order Number generated is 0009000001 (Master Planning → Planned Orders). Issue: Not picking up number sequencing format, although it is correctly configured in the setup. This is not working as expected.

Planning Optimization: Turn-Off (means its back to the previous Master planning): Planned Order number generated is MPO-126218. Correctly picking up number sequencing from the master planning parameters. This is working fine.

Please find attached the two planned orders number screenshot.

Question: Any idea where can I find and set this number sequence format for planned order when we turn-on planning optimization?



No idea. Any chance the number is coming from the planning service instead of being generating by Dynamics? It would prevent issues from if records were created in Dynamics 365 while the planning service is generating it’s recordset…

Search the number sequence table for the next number? Not something I have yet played with, but I would expect the number to be referenced within FO.

Hi Ahsan. Were you ever able to resolve this issue? I am experiencing the same issue that you described.

Microsoft writes in docs (State 18.09.2023) " Number sequences tab:
Master scheduling planned order number – Planning Optimization uses its own number sequence, which can’t be selected, so this parameter isn’t considered"


Great, thank you for your response!

I understand that the planning optimization doesn’t use the embedded number sequence of master scheduling, but is there a way to change the planning optimization number sequence?