Planning Engine Mechanism


I have attached a table that shows how the planning engine integrates forecast and demand. I could not completely understand the logic behind it. I was thinking the netting should be 600 in the first column instead of 400. Could anyone please explain the logic behind above table? Any comments would be appreciated.


Where did you get this table from? Makes no sense to me. Have you created this yourself? What is the netting telling you? the last column has no impact?

I have taken this example from Manufacturing II in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 , a Microsoft’s training material.

In this example Forecast entered for the Item (1000) is shown in figure 1 below. Assume there is a sales order for 200 for October 15, and assume the quantity on hand is 0.


Figure 1

The figure 2 below shows the calculation and result shown by the planning line using above scenario after running the plan.


Figure 2

Planning line row in Figure 2 shows the quantity suggested by planning worksheet after plan is run. I was thinking if netting was carried out then why not it is suggesting 600 on 10/01 instead of 400? In the fourth Column why the quantity suggested by planning line is 800 on 11/01? I should be missing something. I do not know whether this makes sense to you this time or not.

I do not know what netting is telling me. If I had known this I would not have posted this question.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.