planned transfer instead of planned purchase order


Here is the scenario I am trying to resolve

We produce products in several locations (Sites)

We move materials using planned transfer based on on-hand quantity at these various other sites

When these other sites produce the product and consume inventory planning runs and generates planned purchase orders to replenish their inventory - we would like to have planned transfer orders generated to refill their inventory

We have items by their site setup with a planned coverage of planned transfer with inventory to be supplied by another site

Is the scenario I am describing possible

Appreciate any comments or suggestions


If the system is suggesting the planned purchase order then the item coverage setting at the item level is not set as planned replenishment of transfer and a defined site, otherwise the system would suggest a transfer order from the defined site. Can you post an example item replenishment screen with the item coverage.

Hi, there is not a coverage type of planned transfer, you can only have the coverage by Period, Requirement, Min/Max and Manual so when the inventory is not enough, the planned transfer order will be created based on this configuration.

In order to have a transfer order created, you need to go to Inventory and warehouse management\Setup\Inventory breakdown\Warehouses, select the warehouse where you want to receive the materials send by the main source, you need to be sure that in the General section there is a transit warehouse (it is required for transfer orders) and in the Master planning section, Refilling is selected, and in the Main warehouse field you have placed the main warehouse (the source).

In this scenario, master planning should create a transfer order from the main warehouse to the secondary or receiving warehouse, and if there is not enough inventory at the main source, a planned purchase order there. These options are based on AX 2012. I’ve tried to place some images but I’m receiving an error from the webpage.

I reviewed our previous setup and as you indicated the settings were incorrect - reason for settings not being as I thought I wsa testing unknown - retested with correct item coverage setting and ran planning over again and indeed it created a planned transfer for the material requirement for the site expected

Also of note replenishment may have also worked however dealing with multiple sites all being replenished from one site may prove to be a challenge

Thanks for the inputs and direction